Like That

What is this?

Proof of concept of crowd-sourcing "if you liked this, you may like..." functionality on Ao3 works, using tags to try and match content to content. Right now it's got little to no data, so it's going to be hit and miss at best. But the larger the dataset gets, the more accurate it will get.

What is this not?

Stealing your information, or presuming to say how "good" a work is. The info that gets stored is how the tags are ranked (and that's utterly subjective - there's no wrong or right answer there) and a little about the work itself so it can be linked to. That's the lot.

How does it work?

So at its most basic, it tag matches - you tell the search which tags you're most invested in and you'll (eventually) get a list of works those tags. Then it gets a bit more interesting and starts ranking by how those tags were represented.

So, for instance, you're all about Steve/Sam, but a work listing that tag has the main pairing Steve/Tony. For you that work will be lower down the recommended list than a work with the Steve/Sam tag main and centre. There's a bit more than that down the line, but again, no data, no chance.

Cool! How do I use it?

  1. Download
  2. Follow these instructions to install on Chrome, skipping straight to step 4.
  3. Go to a fanwork on
  4. Click the extension icon extension icon, it will add buttons next to each tag associated with the fanwork
  5. Go through each tag you'd like recommendations based on and click:
    • if you read the work for the tag, and the work featured it as much as you were hoping
    • if you didn't read the work for the tag, but its use added to your enjoyment
    • if you read the work for the tag, but it didn't feature as heavily as you'd hoped
    • if you aren't interested in works with this tag
  6. When you're done, look top left and you'll see a new button labelled "I like it. Another!" - click that.
  7. Honestly, probably get no recommendations back, but if enough people use it, who knows?